• Expanded curbside recycling and trash pick up services include Dearborn direct-line customer service number

    GFLCall 844-233-8314 for faster service

    The new sanitation services provided to Dearborn residents include weekly recycling pick up, improved bulk-item pick up and a dedicated customer service line for Dearborn residents.

    Residents can put their recycling to the curb each week with their trash. The old "A and B" recycling schedules are a thing of the past. Recycling is now every week in Dearborn!

    Another new feature is expanded bulk pickup. Large bulk items can be set out to the curb with the trash. Most items generated by a household can be set out for curbside collections including furniture, appliances, mattresses, box springs, and rolled carpet that is tied and bundled. Please keep bulk items separate from trash and recyclables.

    To provide faster customer service, GFL has a dedicated phone number for Dearborn residents. You can call them directly at 844-233-8314. The City of Dearborn is actively monitoring customer service concerns and sanitation operations

    For resident guidelines on the new services, visit

  • Helpful directions about cardboard box recycling

    With holiday gift-giving likely to generate lots of cardboard boxes, residents are reminded that cardboard is a recyclable material and must be put in the green recycling carts for removal from the curb on your trash collection day.

    If your green recycling cart is too full and you cannot fit the cardboard into it, you must break down the cardboard to a size that can be re-loaded into your green cart after the green cart has been emptied by the recycling contractor once.

    The automated arms of the recycling trucks cannot pick up loose items; they can only pick up the green cart.

    The recycling contractor will get out of the truck after the cart has been emptied once, and place the cardboard into the cart, and then lift the cart for a second time. But this is not possible unless the cardboard is broken down, and bundled or tied to be able to fit into the cart.

    And while leaving correctly broken down and bundled and tied cardboard at the curb is acceptable on occasion, if this happens regularly, you may be required to lease an additional recycle cart for a one-time fee of $55.

    Residents are also reminded not to put trash in cardboard boxes. Trash in cardboard boxes will not be picked up by the trash contractor.