The City of Dearborn has many ongoing construction projects that include CSO (combined sewer overflow), water main replacement, asphalt resurfacing and pavement joint sealing.

Residents often inquire about how roads are chosen for repair or replacement. While there is a system in place for determining which streets will be addressed, the process for that system depends on several factors.

CSO sewer separation is a federally-mandated project and takes priority, regardless of the road surface condition. Water main replacement is also coordinated as part of the CSO project. Roads undergoing full CSO sewer separation must be torn up and replaced

Since 2014, the City has retained consultants to evaluate its road surface condition based on PASER Rating. The PASER Rating system is a universally adapted roadway rating system throughout Michigan and has been used by the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), counties, and cities to assess the state-specific roads.

Based on the PASER Rating received from the consultant for all city roads, and the available budget, the city’s Engineering Department schedules repairs and/or resurfacing of the city road.  

The PASER Rating system is also used to assess which roads need other repairs, such as asphalt or joint sealing, which do not require reconstruction of the whole road.

Additionally, when reporting information about street conditions to city officials, residents will cite many roads that are Wayne County and state roads; and therefore, must be tended to by the county and state officials, and not the City of Dearborn.

The county roads in Dearborn include Rotunda, Greenfield, Outer Drive, Ferney Street, Oakwood Boulevard, a portion of Tireman Road, Dix Avenue, Wyoming Avenue, a portion of Hubbard Drive, a portion of Mercury Drive, Evergreen Road, Pelham Road, Miller Road, and a portion of Oakman Boulevard. To report damage on a county road, call Wayne County Roads at 1-800-762-3273. To report a pothole on a county road, call 1-734-955-9920.

The state roads in Dearborn include Michigan Avenue, Telegraph Road, and Ford Road.  To report a problem with these streets, call the MDOT at 1-888-296-4546.

It is also important to note that there is a limited pool of funds for road construction. There is a plan in place to have all major CSO reconstruction projects finished by 2025. For the full list of construction plans and updates, visit To report potholes on city streets, call 313-943-2107.