Donations to Beaumont Foundation make bike sharing and new bike lane possible

Mayor council and Koschs july 18 2017

The City of Dearborn honored residents Donald and Mary Kosch for their generous contributions to healthy programming on July 18.

The Kosch family, longtime philanthropists and owners of the nationally-known company Dearborn Sausage, were honored by Beaumont Health with a reception at the Dearborn Administrative Center.

Mayor John B. O’Reilly, Jr. presented them with a citation thanking them for their generous donation to the city’s new bike share program in the downtown areas, and for a bike lane to be created on Outer Drive in Dearborn.

The Kosch family made a donation to the Beaumont Foundation, which in turn used part of the money to fund Healthy Dearborn initiatives. Healthy Dearborn then allocated part of that money for the bike sharing program and bike lane.

Healthy Dearborn is a partnership between the City of Dearborn, Beaumont Health, Dearborn Public Schools, and other community members. The coalition works together to promote a healthier way of living.

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Photo - Mayor John B. O’Reilly, Jr. presents Donald and Mary Kosch (center) with a citation thanking them for their generous donations to Beaumont Foundation and Healthy Dearborn, which made possible the city’s new bike sharing program and will fund the creation of a bike lane on Outer Drive. Joining them were (from left): City Councilman Mark Shooshanian, City Councilman Robert A. Abraham, Council President Pro Tem Thomas P. Tafelski, Council President Susan A. Dabaja, Councilman David Bazzy, Councilman Michael T. Sareini, and Carolyn Wilson, chief operating officer of Beaumont.