The City of Dearborn is one of seven communities in Wayne County using new election equipment designed to be more reliable and to have the capability of sending results to the Clerk’s Office through wireless transmission shortly after the polls close at 8 p.m.

The Aug. 8 primary is the first time the new equipment and new wireless transmission will be used in Wayne County and in Dearborn. It is hoped that results will be able to be published very quickly at, and on CDTV, which is Comcast channel 12, WOW channel 10, and AT&T’s Uverse channel 99. However, viewers are cautioned that the Aug. 8 is the first time the election system is being used and delays may occur.

The experience for most voters at the polls will not be different than in the past. Votes will still be cast by marking a paper ballot and then securely inserting that paper ballot into the voting machine to be tallied. 

It is expected that people who are disabled will find an improved voter experience at each poll, since they will be able to use an electronic tablet to vote if they choose.