2016 031 Levagood Park lot resurfacing PAV MARIKING PLAN 2 1The two parking lots at Levagood Park off of North Silvery Lane have been closed for construction.

Construction is expected to last until Aug. 29, weather permitting.

The lot closest to Divine Child High School is being resurfaced and the lot opposite Haigh School is under expansion.

Both parking lots are under construction at the same time.

Engineering plans for the Haigh parking lot include the following:

  • Parking lot extended 20 feet south.
  • There are 35 perpendicular parking stalls which will be changed to 50 Angular parking stalls.
  • There will be approximately 45 feet between the garages and new southerly curb.

The Levagood Park parking lots off of Denwood are unaffected.     

For more information, contact Dearborn Recreation and Parks at 313-943-2355.