The Dearborn City Beautiful Commission has named the honorees of this year’s annual Residential Standards of Excellence awards, recognizing exceptionally well-maintained properties throughout the city.

 The 2017 honorees are:4 Byfield Lane Susan Butler

  • Patel family, 7000 Steadman
  • Sobh family, at 7441 Reuter
  • Makki family, 6440 Oakman
  • Lynn Montgomery, 4645 Westland
  • Haider family, 15234 Prospect
  • Susan Butler, 4 Byfield Lane
  • Zahr family, 155 Golfcrest Drive
  • Wilson family, 22726 Nona
  • Knight family, 3453 Chestnut
  • Thomas family, 1704 Robindale
  • Nelson family, 440 Meridan
  • Sherril and Jerry Collins, 23121 Marlboro
  • William Schnieders, 22850 Alexandrine
  • Glen McCardell, 2943 Queen
  • John and Arline Maksimowicz, 3848 Huron Street
  • Ralph Platfoot, 24300 New York

Each year, the City Beautiful Commission organizes the contest in an effort to encourage residents to take pride in their property and to showcase the beauty of Dearborn’s neighborhoods.

The commission divides the city into 17 districts and chooses a winner from each. They are still working to compile the completed list of awardees.

Neighbors are encouraged to check out these properties and embrace the beauty of their neighborhoods, as residents work extra hard to protect their lawns and gardens from the scorching sun.

Susan Butler’s grandparents lived at 4 Byfield Lane for several years before she eventually inherited the house from them.

“I was ecstatic,” said Butler about learning she had received the recognition for her property. “I really work hard on my house.”

She has made several improvements to the property, including cutting down a massive tree and planting new ones, siding the house in brick, and working on the flowers and the landscaping of the rest of the yard.

Butler says she loves to garden and it’s very soothing for her. “I love flowers and I love digging in the dirt.”

Those recognized at the highest level will receive award citations during a ceremony at the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center this fall. Others will receive special display decals in the mail.