Similar lawsuits have been thrown out 

A flyer with false claims about Dearborn’s water and sewer bills has been placed on cars in parking lots, wrongly asserting allegations against the city.

Dearborn residents who have seen this flyer need to know:

  • The same law firm has filed the same allegations against several cities in Michigan.
  • At least three circuit court judges have dismissed similar lawsuits.
  • Dearborn has vigorously defended these allegations and presented proof that the allegations are unfounded.
  • The city is awaiting the judge’s decision and anticipates a similar, favorable ruling.
  • The law firm mentioned in the flyer says it had nothing to do with the flyer.
  • Each year, water and sewer rates are approved by the City Council at a public meeting, which is also televised, carried live on the city’s website, and then posted on the website for on-demand viewing. The water and sewer rates are also put on the city’s website with all other budget materials so that they are available to the public.

Dearborn residents should not be fooled by the inflammatory language used in the flyer.