Avoid tickets, get parked vehicles off the street during snow emergencies so roads can be plowed.


Parked vehicles by law must be removed from roads when the City of Dearborn declares a snow emergency.



Parked vehicles left on the street will be ticketed. Police do not issue warnings. Tickets are $80.

Snow emergencies are generally declared when three inches of snow or more is predicted within a short period of time, or when other weather conditions will make the roads hazardous.  Sometimes a snow emergency is declared ahead of a snowstorm to give residents plenty of warning to move their parked vehicles so they won’t get ticketed.

Even if a snow emergency is not declared, residents can help the City plow the roads faster and more effectively by moving parked vehicles off the street whenever significant snowfall is expected.

Outdoor early warning sirens will be activated to signal the beginning of a snow emergency and the requirement that residents move their parked vehicles off the street.

Residents can also check to see if a snow emergency is in effect via:

  • City website www.cityofdearborn.org, Facebook and Twitter pages
  • CDTV (government cable access channel. This is channel 12 on Comcast, channel 10 on WOW, and channel 99 on AT&T)
  • TV and radio news
  • Text or email messages from the public safety information system known as Nixle. Residents can sign up to receive alerts at Nixle.com
  • Snow emergency hotline at 943-2444

Tickets can be given after snow emergency ends

Even after a snow emergency ends, police are permitted to ticket parked vehicles if they appear as if they were not moved during the emergency, for example, if the vehicle is covered in snow.

Crews also salt the roads, even if they are not plowing

It is also a good idea to remove parked vehicles when City crews are salting roads, to allow for better coverage.

Driveways may be covered during snowplowing

Please take into consideration that driveway aprons will be covered with snow from street plowing operations. It is an inconvenience, but necessary so that roads can remain safe for drivers. Do not put snow from your driveway or sidewalk back into the cleared street.


Special Parking Options

Special parking options for residents who do not have adequate parking are available. For more info, visit this link:

Special Parking Options for Snow Emergencies