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The Dearborn City Beautiful Commission announced its selection of honorees for the inaugural Dearborn Aglow: Fall awards program. Twenty-six Dearborn households are being recognized for their outstanding seasonal landscaping, autumnal decorations, or exterior Halloween displays.

The new fall awards were given to up to five honorees in each of the Commission’s six districts created for the program and spanning the city. Nearly 100 homes were nominated for the program in its first year.

The honorees selected for the Dearborn Aglow Fall programs are as follows:

District One
420 N. Melborn, Joseph and Reem Askar
426 N. Melborn
930 N. Highland, Lauren and Danny Cuadrio
22905 Law, Deena and Mahar Beydoun
2215 Dacosta

District Two
3455 Grindley Park
3421 Grindley Park
2604 Byrd, Gregory and Ilona Nunez
22603 Nona
2626 Geneva

District Three
1021 Mohawk
1031 Mohawk
24710 Notre Dame
2818 Burns Street, Edward Orlowski and Kelle Sisung
24320 Boston

District 4
7118 Manor, Malak Tarhini
6451 Oakman
6620 Oakman

District 5
15234 Payne Court
4501 Westland
4700 Westland
4479 Korte

District 6
3 Ashby Lane, Kassem and Zinab Allie
4 Adams, Suzanne Urbanski
8 Adams
3514 Brewster
Special recognition of Springwells Park Cul de Sac Islands

A map of the selected homes is available at CityofDearborn.org.

The Dearborn Aglow: Fall honorees will receive a congratulatory letter and a special window decal for display. The selected residents also will be invited to a ceremony in early 2024 for honorees in all of the 2023 City Beautiful Commission awards programs.

City Beautiful Commission Chair Rene Ziaja stated, “Through all of our programs, the City Beautiful Commission is happy to recognize businesses and residents who add to the curb appeal and welcoming spirit of our wonderful community. The new Dearborn Aglow: Fall initiative is another way the volunteer commission is encouraging the continued beautification of our City, and we thank all of the participants.”

The City Beautiful Commission introduced awards programs for spring and fall decorations in 2023, along the same lines as its long-standing Dearborn Aglow: Winter Program.

All members of the City Beautiful Commission are appointed by Dearborn Mayor Abdullah H. Hammoud.