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Eviction Prevention Brochure August 2021

City of Dearborn’s Rent/Mortgage and Utility Assistance Program Flyer Updated August 2021

**Please Note: In order to qualify for the Rent-Mortgage-Utility Program, a Dearbon resident must have a qualifying COVID-19 impact in their households and provide verification that their household income has been significantly affected by COVID-19 due to job loss, medical costs for COVID-19 care, or other qualifying activity.**

Low-to-moderate income Dearborn residents unable to pay their rent, mortgage or utilities due to the financial impact of COVID-19 can apply beginning Monday, Jan. 18 to receive up to $5,000 to cover up to six months’ worth of bills through a new grant program offered by the City of Dearborn.

The federally-funded Rent/Mortgage/Utility (RMU) Grant Program is intended to prevent low-to-moderate income residents from being evicted from their homes. To qualify, residents must meet specific criteria.

This financial assistance for rent, mortgage and utilities is in the form of grants, meaning that it does not need to be repaid by residents who qualify for the program. Payments will be made directly to the landlord, mortgage and/or utility company by the agencies administering the grant program. Residents will not receive the money themselves.

In total, about $900,000 is available to help qualified Dearborn residents through the program.

Residents will apply for the grants through the LAHC. Applications can be submitted through LAHC at www.lahc.org/cares.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until funds are no longer available. Residents may only apply once, through one agency. Information can also be found at www.cityofdearborn.org.

Mayor Jack O’Reilly said the City is committed to assisting residents, and allocating federal funds to prevent evictions can be a lifeline for struggling households.

“We know residents have lost their jobs or are making less in wages due to COVID-19,” Mayor O’Reilly said. “The pandemic has taken a heavy toll. We cannot allow it to take people’s homes.”

Further details on the RMU Grant Program are as follows:

• The maximum grant for a low-moderate income Dearborn resident is $5,000. The amount awarded is dependent upon the demonstrated costs of the monthly amounts for rent, mortgage, and utility fees multiplied by six, as the grant is intended to cover up to six months of these expenses. Residents may use the funds to pay expenses incurred prior to the date of the submission of their application, or toward future payments.

• To qualify, individuals must reside within Dearborn, and the combined annual gross income in the household, based on the numbers of individuals in that household, must not exceed the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s annual income limit.

This program is part of Dearborn's Economic and Community Development Department.

Questions regarding the rent/mortgage/utilities program should be directed to:

LAHC: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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