Residents affected by the June 25-26 storms can contact the Dearborn Flood Response Call Center at 313-586-3181 to report flood damage to the city and to ask about resources that might be available to assist in their cleanup and recovery.

The form to report flood damage is at or it can be accessed by texting FLOOD to 313-635-3900. An Arabic version is also available.

Residents should be documenting damage via photographs and video, and saving receipts for all clean up and repair expenses.

The data gathered via the form will assist Dearborn with its application for federal emergency relief efforts, with the goal of bringing in federal relief dollars for households affected by the June 26 flooding. If a federal disaster is designated, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will provide individuals with actual federal claim forms. FEMA arrived in town on July 8 to conduct an initial assessment.

Additional resources and flood response updates are at