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The Dearborn City Charter Commission established a Public Engagement Subcommittee to ensure constant and transparent communication with all of Dearborn's communities. The subcommittee is composed of three Dearborn City Charter Commissioners and six diverse community partners who assist in the development of an updated city charter that is responsive to Dearborn's needs and embraced by all our residents.

The subcommittee performs outreach in partnership with Dearborn clubs, neighborhood associations, religious organizations, non-profits, libraries, and similar organizations; and advises the work of the Charter Commission.

Sub-Committee Members
Hassan F. Abdallah (Chairman of the Charter Commission)
Elizabeth Bailey
L. Glenn O’Kray

Dr. Kallil Kazan
Rachid Farhat
Gwendolyn Joseph
Abdelqwee Yaffai
Officer Margaret Cada
Mohamed Qasim