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If a commercial property requires a major renovation, or is a change of use - for example, turning an office into a bakery - you will be required to go through the City's intake process before opening your business.

Begin the process by contacting City of Dearborn Zoning Administrator David Breneau.

You will need to submit one set of plans for conceptual review, and fill out a Commercial Reoccupancy Application.

All required documentation must be presented at the time of application. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Your application and plan will be reviewed to ensure that your conceptual idea fits with the business location. Once accepted, you will be contacted by the building official to set up a preliminary inspection. Please note: the initial approval given is for concept review only. You must receive final approval to proceed with construction.

After the concept approval is granted, you must submit the following to the Plan Review department:

If your plans are rejected, you will receive a letter indicating what corrections need to be made and how to proceed once corrected.

When the plan is approved, your registered contractor may then pick up your Commercial Renovation Permit and any other trade permits they need to complete the space.

Contractors must schedule all permit inspections by calling 313-943-2400. They will need the permit number and inspection code.

After all permits have passed final inspection, a building completion inspection will take place. If all plan and permit items are complete, a Certificate of Occupancy will be mailed to the business within approximately seven business days.