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Spring in Dearborn 2013Trees Count and We’re Counting on You!

Tree Inventory Project seeks residents’ input

Trees can greatly impact our quality of life.

They provide clean air, absorb rainwater, cool temperatures, encourage interaction and discourage crime,  provide a habitat for wildlife, and increase property values.

The City of Dearborn would like to compile the number of street trees contained within our city. Through this endeavor, we seek to map and catalogue every street tree on every block in the City of Dearborn.  And we need your help.

Please fill out the quick online form about whether you have a street tree located on the city easement on your property. This is the area between the sidewalk and the street. We just need the address and number of trees in the street easement. Name, contact information, approximate age, variety of tree (if you know it) and additional comments are optional. 

You can access the form here:

Your assistance on this project is greatly appreciated.