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Folder FY 2013

All documents for Fiscal Year 2013 (July 1, 2012-June 30, 2013).


default 15 Pension & PEHC Contribution Dollars Popular

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Download (pdf, 4 KB)

15 Pension & PEHC Contribution Dollars.pdf

default 16 Health Care Cost History Popular

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Download (pdf, 3 KB)

16 Health Care Cost History.pdf

default 17 General Fund - Fund Balance History and Projection Popular

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Download (pdf, 4 KB)

17 GF Fund Balance History & Projection.pdf

default 18a Revenue and Expenditure History Summary Popular

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Download (pdf, 7 KB)

18a Revenue & Expenditure History Summary.pdf

default 18b Operating and Non-Operating Revenue Graph Popular

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Download (pdf, 4 KB)

18b Operating & Non-Operating Revenue.pdf

default 18c Tax Revenues Graph Popular

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Download (pdf, 11 KB)

18c Tax Revenues Graph.pdf

default 18d Intergovernmental Graph Popular

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Download (pdf, 3 KB)

18d Intergovernmental Revenue.pdf

default 18e Other Revenues Graph Popular

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Download (pdf, 5 KB)

18e Other Revenues.pdf

default 18f Operating and Non-Operating Expenditures Popular

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Download (pdf, 4 KB)

18f Operating & Non-Operating Expenditures.pdf

default 18g Transfers Out History Popular

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Download (pdf, 10 KB)

18g Transfers Out History.pdf

default 18h Expense by Function and Department Popular

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Download (pdf, 8 KB)

18h Expense by Function & Department.pdf

default 18i Expense by Major Category Popular

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Download (pdf, 14 KB)

18i Expenditures by Major Category.pdf

default 19 All Funds Account Detail Revenue Report Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.42 MB)

19 All Funds Account Detail Revenue Report.pdf

default 20 All Funds Account Detail Expenditure Report Popular

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Download (pdf, 4.84 MB)

20 All Funds Account Detail Expenditure Report.pdf

default 21 All Fund - Revenues, Expenditures and Fund Balance Popular

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Download (pdf, 332 KB)

21 All Funds-Rev-Exp-Eqty-Notes.pdf

default 22a FY 2013 One-Time Level 28 Popular

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Download (pdf, 17 KB)

22a FY 2013 One-Time Level 28.pdf

default 22b FY 2014 One Time Level 31 Popular

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Download (pdf, 9 KB)

22b FY 2014 One-Time Level 31.pdf

default 22c FY 2015 One-Time Level 34 Popular

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Download (pdf, 6 KB)

22c FY 2015 One-Time Level 34.pdf

default 23a FY 2013 CAPTIAL Level 29 Popular

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Download (pdf, 16 KB)

23a FY 2013 CAPITAL Level 29.pdf

default 23b FY 2014 CAPTIAL Level 32 Popular

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Download (pdf, 9 KB)

23b FY 2014 CAPITAL Level 32.pdf

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