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Folder FY 2013

All documents for Fiscal Year 2013 (July 1, 2012-June 30, 2013).


default K Charter Operating Tax Revenue Graph Popular

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K Charter Operating Tax Revenue Graph.pdf

default L Intergovernmental Revenue Graph Popular

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L Intergovernmental Revenue Graph.pdf

default M Personnel Staffing Levels History Popular

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M Personnel Staffing Levels History.pdf

default Memo 2013-2015 Preliminary Budget Popular

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Memo - 2013-2015 Preliminary Budget.pdf

default N Compensation History Popular

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N Compensation History.pdf

default O Gen Fund Compensation Trend Graph Popular

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O Gen Fund Compensation Trend Graph.pdf

default Outstanding Debt Summary Popular

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Outstanding Debt Summary.pdf

default P Pension Contributions Graph Popular

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P Pension Contributions Graph.pdf

default Q Health Care Graph Popular

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Q Health Care Graph.pdf

default R All Fund Budgetary Combining Statements Popular

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R All Fund Budgetary Combining Statements.pdf

default S Summary of Budget Revisions Popular

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S Summary of Budget Revisions.pdf

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