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DAC signThe Corporation Counsel is the chief legal advisor for the City of Dearborn and the director of the Department of Law.

As chief legal counsel for the City of Dearborn, the Corporation Counsel is responsible for providing legal counsel to the Mayor and the Dearborn City Council.

The Department of Law is vested with exclusive authority and jurisdiction in all matters of law relating to the city government and every department, bureau, office, institution, commission, committee, board and other agency thereof. 

The Department of Law prosecutes all violations of local law; litigates all civil matters on behalf of the City of Dearborn; provides for the defense of city officers and employees in civil litigation arising out the performance of official duties; provides written legal opinions; attends all meetings of the Dearborn City Council and most City boards and commissions; handles risk management and labor negotiations; and performs any other services that are consistent with the usual and customary duties of municipal corporation counsel.

Please note: The Department of Law cannot give legal advice or provide legal representation to private citizens. The Department of Law is limited to providing advice, counsel and representation to the Mayor, City Council, City officials and employees in legal matters regarding the City of Dearborn.




Location Dearborn Administrative Center, 16901 Michigan Ave., Suite 14
Hours 10 a.m.-3 p.m., Monday-Friday
Phone 313-943-2035
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