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MIS EmployeeThe Innovation & Technology Department is made up of two divisions known as Computer Services and Communications.  Each of these divisions is made up of units having unique functions. 

The Computer Services Division is composed of three units representing networked personal computers, mid-range centralized computer systems, and geographic information systems.   A Network Administrator, a Computer Systems Administrator, and a GIS Administrator guide these units respectively.

This department coordinates a multiple-year planning process to provide the appropriate technology and project planning support to all departments.  The department works, as part of the City Department Initiative (CDI)-Technology group, to ensure technology initiatives provide needed services with the proper return on investment.

Computer services administrative personnel coordinate technology related services with vendors, support the internal and external websites of the City, and are responsible for service request management.

Communications administrative personnel track and coordinate telephone services through various service providers and coordinate all services provided by the Communications Division. The Communications Division is made up of Telephone Services and Radio Services. These units are under the direction of a Communications Manager. 

The Telephone Systems unit is responsible for all internal communication lines and associated equipment.  They also install and maintain inside cabling and equipment for voice and data, including voice mail, message on hold, third party billing, automatic call distribution reports  and programming of telephone and telephone switch equipment used by all City of Dearborn offices. 

The Radio Services unit maintains two-way radio equipment on over 18 radio systems supporting Police, Fire and DPW operations.  Installation and maintenance of two-way radio equipment is supported by the Radio Services unit.  It also maintains video systems in building security and mobile applications.  Together the telephone and radio units support the basic public address system for parades and Camp Dearborn .  

The City currently uses three IBM iSeries mid-range computers, internally referred to as AS400s, to run a number of core computer applications.  Among the applications supported by these systems are purchasing, budgeting, finance, code enforcement, and land management.

Departments are supported by Windows based servers supporting specific municipal computer applications such as email, intranet services, property appraisal, recreation facility reservations, public safety, and litigation support.

Microcomputers and printers are connected to the iSeries and servers using virtual private network connections supported by fiber, microwave and copper backbone infrastructure. 

The City has approximately 800 microcomputers to perform word processing, desktop publishing, geographic information systems (GIS), computer-aided design, electronic mail, and spreadsheet analysis.

The department also supports the City of Dearborn Heights Michigan

Location Dearborn Administrative Center, 16901 Michigan Ave., Suite 12
Hours 8 a.m.- 5 p.m., Monday-Friday
Phone 313-943-3054
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