2023 BANNER DPW Loose Leaf Program

Loose leaves collected through Friday, Dec. 1 

Dearborn residents have until Friday, Dec. 1 to rake their leaves into the street for collection. Residents may continue to bag leaves and yard waste, which will be collected weekly through the week of Dec. 11 - 15.

See the Loose Leaf Collection Weekly Updates and schedule for more information: Loose leaf collection schedule for the week of Nov. 27 - Dec. 1

Bagged leaf collection will continue on scheduled trash days through Dec. 15
Ensure your leaves are picked up by the city after they fall by putting them in yard waste paper bags or 20–32-gallon containers with a city yard waste sticker and set them on your easement every week on your trash day, which is also your Public Service Day.

Place any paper bags or containers on your easement by 7 a.m. on your trash day each week. If you need yard waste stickers may be obtained at no charge by calling 313-943-2150.

Dearborn residents have two options for leaf pick up this fall: 

  1. Pack leaves in yard waste bags or 20-32 gallon containers with a special City of Dearborn sticker for pick up on your weekly trash day (Public Service Day) until Friday, Dec. 15, 2023. Yard waste stickers are free and available at the Dearborn Administrative Center, all library branches, and the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center.

  2. Rake loose leaves into the street for pick up the day before your public service day. Loose leaves will not be picked up in front of every house each week, but crews will be visiting each district two times through the end of the program on Dec. 1. Check the weekly schedule for neighborhood collection updates.


Loose leaf collection schedule for the week of Nov. 27-Dec. 1

 2023 COD DPW LeafCollection Map 800x550

 Saturday Leaf Collection 

Saturday, Dec. 2 

1. Remaining loose leaves may be collected on Saturday, Dec. 2 to complete the program in full .  


Weekly Updates 


Tuesday, Nov. 28 

1. Aviation Area: bounded by Tireman, Wisconsin, Warren Avenue, and Greenfield Road (starting at Reuter and Warren)
2. Hemlock Park Area: bounded by Warren Avenue, Lonyo, Haggerty/Henn, and Greenfield Road 

Wednesday, Nov. 29

1.York Park Area: bounded by Ford Road, Outer Drive, Cherry Hill, and Telegraph (starting at Hollander and Mildred)
2. Levagood Park Area: bounded by Ford Road, Telegraph, Cherry Hill, and Gulley
3. Uptown Area: bounded by Brady, Michigan Avenue, Haigh, and Morley 
4. Above Ford Field: bounded by Brady/West Lane, Cherry Hill/Long Boulevard, Military, and Shady Hollow Drive
5. Nash Sub Division: bounded by Military, Alexandrine, River Lane, and Outer Drive 
6. Dearborn High Area: bounded by Outer Drive, Elmwood Court, Telegraph, and Cherry Hill 
7. Golfview Sub Division: bounded by Ford Road, Golfview, and Outer Drive

 Thursday, Nov. 30

1. Williamson/Argyle Park Area: bounded by Oakman Blvd., Chase, Ford Road and Michigan Ave. (starting at Schlaff and Kenilworth)
2. Lapeer Park Area: bounded by Eagle, Amazon, Vernor and Ferney
3. Morningside Park Area: bounded by Vernor, Riverside, and Industrial
4. Hemlock Park Area: bounded by Henn/Haggerty, Miller Road, Ford Road, and Greenfield 
5.. Ford Woods Park Area: bounded by Ford Road, Oakman, Michigan Avenue, and Greenfield 
6. Geer Park Area: bounded by Miller, Greenfield, Prospect and Michigan Ave 
7. Eugene/Porath Area: bounded by Michigan Avenue, Eugene, Porath, and Porath Court 


Friday, Dec. 1  

1. Oxford Park Area: bounded by Harvard, Outer Drive, Madison, and Dartmouth (starting in this area)
2. Ford Historic Home Area: bounded by Park, Monroe, and Outer Drive
3. Dearborn Hills Area: bounded by Cherry Hill, Telegraph, Fairmount and Gulley
4. Crowley Park Area: bounded by Fairway Drive/Woodcroft, Telegraph, Dartmouth and Gulley 


Monday, Nov. 27 

1. Ten Eyck Park Area: bounded by Rotunda, Oakwood, Southfield, and Outer Drive 
2. Schemansky/Penn-Vassar Park Areas: bounded by Outer Drive, Pelham, Dartmouth, and Madison  
3. Edison Park Area: bounded by Outer Drive, Monroe, Edna, and Elmdale   
4. Korte Sub Division: bounded by Mercury Drive, Ford Road, Greenfield, and Michigan Avenue 
5.Springwells Foundation: bounded by Michigan Avenue, Greenfield, Eastham, and Rotunda 

 Street Leaf Pick-Up Ends Friday, Dec. 1. Leaves left in the street after Dec. 1 may be disposed of by yard waste pick-up, which ends the week of  Dec. 11.


Leaf Collection Information

Packed leaves will be picked up on Public Service Days through Dec. 15
The best method to ensure your leaves are picked up by the city after they fall is to pack them in paper yard waste bags or 20–32-gallon containers and seal them with a special City yard waste sticker. Leaves in plastic bags or in cardboard boxes will not be picked up.

Place your yard waste bags or containers on the curb of your easement by 7 a.m. on your trash day (which is also your Public Service Day) each week. Do not put bags or containers in the street.

Yard waste collection and Public Service Days, which includes the  collection of leaves in bags or containers on your easement, will end on your scheduled trash day during the week of Dec. 11 - Dec. 15, 2023.

Call 313-943-2150 for free yard waste stickers. Yard waste stickers are available at the Dearborn Administrative Center, all library branches and the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center.

Loose leaves will be picked up on the street through Dec. 1
City trucks will collect loose leaves raked into the street, twice per district, between Oct. 23 and Dec. 1, 2023. Please check the schdule and rake all loose leaves on your property into the street on your public service day.

Loose leaves will not be collected in front of every house each week. Instead, leaves will be collected by neighborhood on scheduled trash and Public Service Days, and each district will receive two . 

Residents may view the leaf collection schedule below or call the Leaf Hotline at 313-943-2444 for updates.

Residents do not need to hurry and rake leaves into the street if they see crews on a day they are not expecting.There may be times when additional loose leaves crews are out on weekends, or a day ahead of a neighborhood’s trash day so that they can get an early start. If that occurs, these are only additional collections and are not  a substitute for the scheduled leaf pickup day for that area.

Safety and parking during leaf pickup
Raking loose leaves into the street too soon can lead to dangerous driving conditions. Leaves raked into the street should be kept away from catch basin inlets and placed in a uniform row approximately 1 inch from the curb to ensure proper drainage and ease of collection.

Vehicles should not be parked on neighborhood streets on trash and Public Service Days to allow city trucks to safely collect loose leaves from the street. Please keep all parked vehicles off the street from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on your trash day (Public Service Day.) This is always good practice but is especially important during the loose leaf collection from Oct. 23 through the week of Nov. 27.

2023 COD LeafCollection Infographic v4