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water faucet drippingAs cold weather increases the risk of water main breaks, Dearborn residents are reminded about procedures for dealing with water issues at home.

If a resident does not have water service or sees a water main break, they can call the City during regular business hours at (313) 943-2307.  After hours or on weekends, residents can report water main breaks to the Police Dept. at (313) 943-2100.

Discolored water is not recommended for drinking, but should not be harmful.  Often, water will pick up a rusty or dirty appearance when turnoff valves are used and the water lines are disturbed. This water has not been exposed to bacteria.

To clear the water, residents should go to the basement or lowest level of their home and run cold water until it runs clear.  After that, move to other faucets and run water until it is also clear.