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The Water Residential Assistance Program (WRAP), which promotes resource conservation and self-sufficiency and provides water bill assistance, is now available to Dearborn residents whose income qualifies them to apply.

The customized service plan comes at no increased cost to the City or residents. 

It is funded by the Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) and administered by Wayne Metro Community Action Agency (WMCAA).

For complete information about the WRAP program and the specific qualifications required to enroll, call (313) 386-9727 or visit www.waynemetro.org/wrap.

Some details about the program:

The program aims to provide relief to people struggling to pay water bills while helping to ensure that water is readily available for all families. In addition to bill payment assistance, the WRAP provides educational programs and funding to fix leaks and other minor home plumbing repairs

Qualifying individuals can receive up to $1,000 per household per year for monthly water bill payments and to address bills that are past due. That $1,000 breaks down as $25 a month for water bills for 12 months and up to $700 for past due bills, which would be paid in two installments of $350.

Participants must demonstrate and maintain timely bill payments in order to qualify for this assistance.

Under the WRAP program, participants may also qualify for home water audits in households with “above average” water usage. Home repairs of up to $1,000 to fix minor plumbing issues may be offered.

Additional highlights of the program include water saving kits, training classes and access to other utility assistance and human services programs offered through WMCAA.

To qualify for the program, residents must have an income at or below 150 percent of poverty threshold, provide proof of residency and income, and stay current on monthly bill payments. If renting, applicants must show proof of responsibility for the water bill in the lease agreement.

By implementing WRAP, the City amended the Dearborn Code of Ordinances to allow the Department of Public Works to establish payment plans of delinquent water bills for program participants, waive the penalties on the payment plan amount and prevent the amount subject to the payment plan from being transferred to tax bills as long as the customer abides by all terms and conditions of the payment plan.