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Unregistered rentals can be reported online at www.cityofdearborn.org

Dearborn stays strong as long as all residential property is well-maintained and meets minimal building and safety codes.

To ensure that is the case, owners of rental properties and vacant properties are required to register them with the City.

Registering allows the City to engage in regular inspections to preserve neighborhood standards, and also provides benefits to the owners of the property.

How to register rental property

Owners of rental property should contact the Property Maintenance and Development Services Department at 313-943-2150 to register their property or visit www.cityofdearborn.org and schedule an inspection online.

Rental properties are inspected every three years. Inspection fees are $225 for single-family and $275 for two-family homes. 

How to check if a rental house has been registered

Residents who want to notify the City of a house that they suspect is a rental can do that here: Report an Unregistered Rental

Residents can also check to see if a house is already registered as a rental unit.

How to register vacant property

Property owners can find forms for residential and commercial vacant property by searching “register” in the search window on the home page of www.cityofdearborn.org. Options to register a commercial or residential property will appear.

Benefits to property owners

If property owners provide the City with an email address, owners of registered rental properties or vacant property are notified any time there is a property maintenance violation issued at their property.

By preserving neighborhood standards, the City also helps property owners maintain the value of their investments.

For more information, please contact the Property Maintenance and Development Services Department at 313-943-2150.