Dearborn Police remind residents: Always lock car doorsMayor OReilly and Police Community Group Lock it or Lose it June 2017

In an effort to reduce thefts from cars the Dearborn Police Department and community partners are launching a campaign to remind residents: If you don’t lock your car, you’re making it a target for crime. 

Mayor John B. O'Reilly, Jr. and Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad held a press conference June 14 to kick off the 2017 campaign.

2017 marks the third consecutive year for this community awareness program.

"The good news is that crime is down ten percent across the board from last year," Chief Haddad announced. The figure includes larcenies from vehicles.

On average, the City of Dearborn experiences almost 700 larcenies from vehicles in a year.  A review revealed that almost 75% of these crimes involved unlocked vehicles.  Several communities have been able to reduce the number of larcenies through a crime prevention initiative aimed at reminding citizens to “Lock It or Lose It”.  The basics of the initiative are simple: first, whenever possible, don’t leave valuables in unattended vehicles.  It is highly recommended that you remove them from the vehicle, or lock them in the trunk.  At the very least, do not leave valuables inside a vehicle in clear sight.  Second, always lock unattended vehicles.  Finally, residents should quickly notify police of any suspicious activity. It is the assistance of our residents that allows us to catch most criminals that break into cars. Do not hesitate, report it.  Due to the success of this initiative last year, the Dearborn Police will once again focus efforts on this community awareness program.

The campaign includes the use of billboards, TV ads, posters, flyers and neighborhood foot patrols.  The initiative will run from Memorial Day through Labor Day as we see an increase in these crimes during the warmer months.

"We want to thank all of our community partners for helping us to get the word out," O'Reilly said.

“Dearborn residents must not become easy targets,” O'Reilly said. “Working together with the ‘Lock It or Lose It’ program, we can eliminate many of these crimes.”

O'Reillystressed that residents should always keep their eyes open and report anything suspicious.

The summer months see an increase in thefts from vehicles. As such, “Lock It or Lose It” billboards and advertisements on local media and social media will share this message with the Dearborn area through Labor Day.“Be good neighbors and look out for each other,” he said.

Community partners on hand for the summer kick-off included Jackie Lovejoy, President Dearborn Area Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Glenn Maleyko, Dearborn Schools Superintendent, Cristy Rankin, Director of Emergency Management Beaumont Health, David Bazzy, Kenwal Steel-President & COO, Mike Sareini, Jacqueline Demmer, Jorgensen Ford and Rita Nelson, Fairlane Town Center-General Manager. Additional community partners include Ford Motor Company, Beaumont Health, Walmart, and AAA. 

Pictured - Police personnel, community partners, and interns join Mayor Jack O'Reillyand Police Chief Ronald Haddad in kicking off this year's "Lock It Or Lose It" campaign.