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DearbornPoliceStationResidents should call Dearborn Police first if they have concerns about child daycare or adult daycare/group homes that appear to be neglectful or abusive or raise any suspicions.

Although caregiver operations are licensed by the State of Michigan, the Dearborn Police are prepared to look into residents’ concerns. That way, residents do not need to navigate through the state’s reporting system, but simply call the Dearborn police’s non-emergency number at 313-943-2241.

“Citizens who witness anything unusual can give us a call on the police non-emergency line at 313-943-2241 so we can investigate, which is oftentimes faster than the reporting process with the State of Michigan,” said Lt. Andrew Zelazny of the Dearborn Police Department.

This direction comes after a well-publicized incident at a Dearborn home in which two children were injured in an accidental shooting with a gun that was within the reach of a toddler.

The home regularly took in children for daycare type of services. News media and social media reports have suggested that neighbors may have had concerns, but the Dearborn Police Department had not received any requests to investigate before the shooting.

If an immediate danger appears to exist, residents should call 911, and police will respond and sort out the situation.