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Call 313-943-2134 to set up an appointment for extra safety

during the holidays

Nolan Arnold Smoke Alarm Installation in BasementResidents are reminded during this holiday season that for extra peace of mind, they can have smoke detectors installed in their homes for free from the Dearborn Fire Department.

This program is funded by a federal grant. It provides free installation of free smoke detectors to any owner-occupied household, regardless of income.

Homeowners are encouraged to call (313) 943-2134 to schedule an appointment for their smoke detector installation. Appointments are available Monday - Friday.

Having smoke detectors installed around the holidays is a good idea, because most people are engaged with more baking and cooking than usual, and many have installed Christmas trees, lights and other plug-in decorations that require extra fire prevention care.  Also, new fire detectors are a good idea when households are welcoming overnight guests for the holidays and want to keep everyone safe.

Records have shown a drastic reduction in the number of lives lost in house fires due to the proper installation of working smoke alarms.

“We continue installing free smoke detectors because we know they can save lives,” said Dearborn Fire Chief Joseph Murray.

Under the Building Codes Law, rental properties do not qualify for the Dearborn Fire Department Smoke Detector Program because they are required to have working alarms installed already. Residents living in rental properties with no working smoke alarms should call (313) 943-2134 to report this life safety violation.