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Storm sewer project will reduce risk of flooding for nearby residents, hospital

Updated June 12: Major roadwork is set to begin on Oakwood Boulevard Wednesday, June 13.  Drivers should be aware that traffic on Oakwood Boulevard will be impacted starting now through December. 

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The first area impacted will be on Oakwood Boulevard roughly between a half mile south of Village Road (near the Dearborn Inn) to Rotunda. Oakwood will be reduced to one lane of traffic in each direction.  This first phase is scheduled to last through the end of August.

A second phase of construction will begin toward the end of August and last through December. This second phase will impact Oakwood Boulevard from Rotunda south to Beaumont Hospital. One lane of traffic will be maintained in each direction.

The intersection of Rotunda and Oakwood will be impacted as well during the June through December dates of this project.  Rotunda traffic should flow freely.

Maps of the Oakwood Boulevard traffic impacts are posted on Dearborn Construction Updates

The construction project is designed to reduce the chance of flooding and will benefit residents of the Snow Woods area. It is being funded primarily by a grant from Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which the city applied for on behalf of Beaumont Hospital.

The City is installing a 60-inch diameter storm sewer along Oakwood from the hospital to about a half mile south of Village Road (near the Dearborn Inn.)

The project will disconnect the storm drainage in Beaumont Hospital’s parking lots and parking decks from the City’s combined sewer and reroute it to the city’s storm sewer. The rerouting action will minimize the risk of flooding during adverse rain events.The FEMA grant will also be used for the storm sewer construction within the hospital’s property.