Fire pit fallFire pits are a great backdrop to outdoor fun, but it’s important to remember the rules. The Dearborn Fire Department requires the following:

  • The fire pit must have screening on all sides and the top.
  • The fire must be constantly attended.
  • The fire must be completely extinguished after use.
  • If there is objectionable smoke, the fire must be extinguished.
  • If wind direction causes the smoke to invade neighboring structures, the fire must be extinguished.
  • Fire extinguishing mediums must be provided, such as an appropriate fire extinguisher, a garden hose, dirt or sand.
  • Fire pits must not be located within 15 feet of a structure.
  • Wood must be clean and without creosote. No construction materials or trash can be burned.

Remember, “When in doubt, put it out!”

For more info, contact the Fire Marshal at 313-943-2884.