RRC Certified Community Logo 002The former Howe Elementary, which sits on  10-acre parcel at 18000 Oakwood Boulevard,  has been purchased from the Dearborn Public Schools by private developers. The developers are currently in the process of demolishing the structure to prepare it for redevelopment.

The development plan is in the preliminary stages and requires additional approvals by the City in the future. The plan proposes a one-story senior home facility to be located at the rear of the property and two storefront buildings to be located along the Oakwood Boulevard frontage.

The two storefront buildings are two-story structures with the second floor proposed as apartment dwellings.

As a Planned Unit Development (PUD) the redevelopment includes a mix of uses, including green space, shared parking, and outdoor amenities.

As a  Redevelopment Ready Community, certified by the State of Michigan, Dearborn continues to be vibrant, competitive and  ready for redevelopment. Our development experts are continuously planning for new investment and reinvestment, identifying assets and seeking new opportunities for quality development.