CitySeal Shadow 600Residents and businesses are advised that on Tuesday, Oct. 9, the City will be bringing a water main back into service over a two- to three-day period, and this action could potentially result in safe, but brown-colored water, coming out of faucets in certain areas.

It is not anticipated that this will occur, but because of the potential, the City is advising residents and businesses that should they experience brown-colored water, they should run a cold water faucet on the lowest level of their home for 10 minutes until the water color clears.

A basement laundry tub is the best. This method will prevent introducing brown water into the water heater and throughout the hot water side of the home. Once inside the water heater, it will take much longer to flush the discolored water out of the system. This  method is best to prevent brown-colored water from getting into washing machines and affecting laundry.

If concerns exist after flushing your water for 10 minutes, please call the Water Department at 313-943-2307, or after hours at 313-943-2100. We apologize for any inconveniences.

This week’s reactivation of the water main is related to the city’s construction of a 60-inch storm sewer on Oakwood Boulevard. Residents may remember that on July 12, work related to this construction resulted in brown-colored water for some areas. The brown-colored water posed no health risk.

Details of the project: The contractor retained by the City is placing a 60-inch diameter storm sewer on Oakwood Boulevard. As part of the project, on July 12, 2018, the existing 36-inch diameter water main was decommissioned from the Great Lake Water Authority’s 54 -inch diameter water line and temporarily removed from the service in order for the city contractor to place a 60-inch diameter storm sewer. Decommissioning of the water main had caused some turbulences and turbidity resulting in brown-colored water for some areas within the water distribution system. The brown water was safe.

We are in process of commissioning and placing the 36-inch diameter water line back in service. The water line will be placed back in service by opening water gate valves gently, slowly and over period of two to three days in order to minimize turbulences and turbidity. If necessary, the city will also flush fire hydrants during this process to prevent or lesson the likelihood of discolored water entering the system. However, we do not expect any households and businesses to experience brown-colored water.