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corporate brandingThe following was provided by Downtown Dearborn

Downtown Dearborn is embarking on an exciting, community-wide brand-building effort.

What does that mean? Guided by a professional brand and design team, we are gathering information from the community to better understand and articulate what makes Dearborn and its downtowns interesting and worth choosing as a place to live, work and play.

 We want to tell a consistent story about our community locally, regionally, and nationally, to create a positive perception as to what we are about and who we are.

The process begins with you! We have developed a multi-lingual website - BrandingDearborn.com - to keep all who are interested in the project informed. Throughout this process, you can visit the website to view updates, submit questions, track the status of our branding effort.

This branding initiative is rooted in gathering the perspectives of as many people as possible in order to create one cohesive story and visual identity for Dearborn and the districts that make up Downtown Dearborn.

The final result will be seen and felt throughout the city through new messaging focused on how we talk about Dearborn and Downtown Dearborn, and a new brand identity system  that visually and physically communicates our story – such as a new website, photography, social media, wayfinding, street improvements, promotional materials, marketing and advertising.