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Shoveling snow residentDearborn residents and property owners are reminded that they are required to keep sidewalks and ramps to crosswalks clear of snow and ice so they are safe for pedestrian travel.         

City ordinance considers sidewalks and ramps unsafe if snow accumulates to three inches or more, or any amount of ice is present.

Ordinance provides property owners 24 hours (after the snowfall has ended) to remove snow and ice accumulations from public sidewalks and ramps leading to crosswalks.

For corner lots, this includes sidewalks along the front and side or the property. Snow thrown onto the sidewalk and corner cross ramps as a result of plowing is a responsibility of adjacent property owners and must be removed.

Snow should be deposited on your own lawn and/or easement. However, it may be deposited on a neighboring property to necessitate reasonable removal. Deposited snow must not obstruct windows, vents, driveways, or walkways.

Snow may never be deposited in the street. Applying salt, cat litter, or other chloride-based ice removal agents are common treatments for preventing and treating icy sidewalks.

Fines for not clearing snow and ice

If properties fail to keep their sidewalks clear and safe, the City may take action to remove the snow and ice. Property owners will then receive a bill from the City for the abatement plus a minimum $75 additional fee. Fees increase for those properties repeatedly abated by the City.

Snow removal enforcement is prioritized in areas heavily travelled by pedestrians, such as those near businesses or schools and on walking routes to those areas. However, all properties with public sidewalks are required to remove snow and ice and are subject to enforcement.

To view ordinance information, visit this link: Snow Removal Ordinance