PermitsHere are some details for springtime renovation projects

Building construction permits and building inspections are in place to keep our homes safe and in good repair.

The building permit process can seem a bit mysterious at times, so those embarking on improvement projects can call Permit Information at 313-943-2442 or Permit Inspections at 313-943-2400.

The following guidelines can help property owners who are considering home renovations.

A Residential Renovation Permit is required for:

  • Addition of room, dormer, breezeway, enclosed porch, sunroom, gazebo spa enclosure
  • Installing  a new bathroom
  • Installing new or replacing existing green house, pool spa or hot tub enclosure exterior rooms
  • Installation of elevated landscaping retaining wall. Elevation change requires additional review.
  • Finishing basement  (Consult with Permit Division for egress window requirements)
  • Removing exterior finish materials and replacing with brick, stone, stucco, marble, limestone with new foundations for the masonry
  • Removing and replacing chimney cap or brick veneer chimney stack
  • Waterproofing of basement interior and exterior systems
  • Removing and replacing interior or exterior stairway
  • Constructing accessory structures such as gazebo, pergola, shed, flag poles and basketball poles or similar structures (Consult with the Zoning Administrator for requirements at 313-943-3692).
  • Installing a new interior or exterior door that requires framing alterations, such as but not limited to, changing door sizes
  • Removing, relocating or installing new wall(s)
  • Removing and replacing a window with a different size window
  • Installing or enlarging an arch, door or pass through between interior or exterior rooms
  • Removing  interior finish material (plaster, drywall, celotex, wood sheathing) and replacing damaged framing members, re-insulating/adding vapor barrier and replacing with approved interior material
  • Removing and replacing sub floor material or joists that support the sub floor material
  • Replacing/installing more than 10 percent of roof sheathing when removing roof covering

A Residential Renovation Permit is NOT required for:

  • Removing and replacing of existing windows or broken window replacement without frame alterations
  • Removing and replacing exterior doors without framing alterations
  • Enclosing of an archway or doorway. Repairing interior damaged drywall holes, cracks, peeling areas without removing walls
  • Removing or replacing floor finish covering (wood, ceramic, marble, slate, vinyl, resilient tile, carpeting), including underlayment
  • Removing and replacing roof coverings (asphalt shingles, shake shingle)
  • Removing and replacing of exterior aluminum, vinyl, wood finishes
  • Installing or removing and replacing gutters/downspouts or disconnections from storm sewer
  • Replacing kitchen cabinets only (if drywall demolition or wall changes are not needed)
  • Painting or staining exterior of house, garage or other structure

A Swimming Pool Permit is required for:

  • Installing or replacing an above-ground and in-ground pools over 24” inches in height. Pool must also be enclosed by a fence with a gate that locks.
  • Installing or replacing a spa, hot tub, or sauna.