Garage Sale signOrdinance is expected to go into effect May 30

Residents can look forward to clearing out their home of any extra clutter and getting a little extra spending money more frequently this year.

On May 21, City Council voted to approve an update to an ordinance to allow four garage sales per year. Previously, the ordinance had only allowed for residents to host two.

 “We know that there are those out there that wanted to do more than two in the course of year,” City Clerk George Darany said. “So now they’ve got the opportunity to do three or four.”

The cost of the first garage sale is $10, increasing to $15 with the second, $20 for the third, and $25 for the fourth.

The new ordinance is expected to go into effect on Thursday, May 30.

Residents wishing to host a garage sale must obtain a permit from the city. For more information on how to obtain a permit, please contact 313-943-2010.