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Gazebo ordinance updateOrdinance outlines date and size requirements,  as well as guidelines for use

Residents who enjoy relaxing or entertaining in the shade of gazebos got some clarity about the requirements governing their installation on their property.

The City Council recently approved an amendment to an ordinance that details the definitions of the popular canopy-like structures and creates usage guidelines.

The ordinance now makes a clear distinction between seasonal and permanent accessory structures, including pergolas, cabanas, canopies, and gazebos. It also outlines when residents can erect seasonal structures, size requirements, and general guidelines for use.

Seasonal pergolas, cabanas, and gazebos are those erected no earlier than March 1 and taken down no later than Nov. 30.

 Unless left up past the dates, seasonal structures will not have a taxable value.

  If the structure consists of a frame covered by a removable cloth or canvas, the frame may remain up without the covering between Nov. 30 and March 1.

 They must not exceed a height of 16 feet and an area of 192 square feet. They must be anchored or attached to grade, and be prefabricated.

Both permanent and seasonal accessory structures must be located in the rear yard, and neither may be used for storage or for parking of any type.

However, unlike permanent structures, seasonal structures may be located in a driveway, provided they are still within the rear yard.

Seasonal accessory structures that meet these standards do not require a building permit.

Anyone with structures falling outside of these guidelines would need to obtain a permit, as well as ensure that the structure meets all building code requirements. Call 313-943-2442 for permit information.

            Further details can be found in Section 2.03 of Article 2.00 of the Zoning Ordinance.