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Many City buildings closed in honor of Memorial Day on Monday, May 27

Weed ConrtrolIn order to keep Dearborn’s parks and public spaces enjoyable, the Department of Public Works will be treating grassy areas with a pesticide to discourage weed growth, beginning the week of Sept. 30. The process is weather dependent and will likely take two weeks to complete.

The pesticide used is the same that is available to consumers for residential applications. This is a seasonal application.

Prominent signs will be posted at the parks announcing the activity and the grassy areas will be closed to public use for a few hours after the pesticide application.

It is expected access to paved tracks and parking lots at the parks will not be affected.

In addition, pesticide applications are scheduled to take place around the Dearborn Administrative Center, the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center, and the Police and 19th District Court buildings.