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Many City buildings closed in honor of Memorial Day on Monday, May 27

In an effort to address the recent uptick of interest in homebuilding in Dearborn, the City has established new residential design standards for prospective homebuilders.

The new regulations for new and substantially expanded or renovated single family homes include new standards for the following:

  • Maximum roof and eave height
  • Minimum roof pitch
  • Minimum side and rear yard setbacks
  • Attached garages
  • Design characteristics, including limitations in the number of window shapes, roof shapes and building materials.

The intended purposes in updating the development standards include: diversifying the housing stock; preserving and upgrading existing housing to meet current and future demands; creating zoning ordinance regulations to require future development be more consistent with established key elements of neighborhood character; and removing unappealing structures to encourage the development of homes with modern amenities.

“We’re welcoming new investment while respecting the investments made by current residents,” said Tom Paison, assistant director of the Economic and Community Development Department. “We’re trying to achieve a better balance.”

The new regulations will increase side setbacks with increasing lot width in order to achieve a more proportional development, based on lot size. This is being implemented as a way to provide additional buffering for neighborhood homes when a large home is built next to them. This will also modify maximum height and minimum roof pitch requirements for the same purpose.

The new regulations will also address the construction of attached and detached garages. On lots narrower than 45 feet, attached garages are prohibited, with limited exceptions.

In addition, the maximum number of window shapes, roof shapes and building materials has been limited. New homes are limited to a maximum of three window shapes with a maximum of three accent window shapes. There is now a maximum of two roof shapes permitted on front elevation. Primary and secondary building materials are now limited to a maximum of three each.

The City of Dearborn highly recommends that anyone interested in building a home hire a licensed architect to ensure they meet these guidelines.

For more information about the new design standards, please call the Zoning Division at 313-943-3692.