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Contractors hired by the City of Melvindale successfully removed the surfaces that had mold on them, and additional environmental testing on Monday, Jan. 27 showed good results, clearing the way for firefighters to reoccupy the building. They are expected to be back in the station on Tuesday, Jan. 28 after the careful removal of protective materials that had been put in place as precautionary measures during the repairs. The City continues to appreciate the patience of the firefighters assigned to Station No. 5.

Updated on 4:30 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 24

Unfortunately, the City of Melvindale’s repairs at Fire Station No. 5 in Melvindale are taking longer than expected.

It is anticipated that the Dearborn firefighters assigned to No. 5 will need to be housed at the Melvindale Recreation Center until Monday, Jan. 27. This will allow time for the City of Melvindale and the Dearborn Fire Department to review the results of another round of environmental testing after the repairs are completed.

Initial environmental tests on Jan. 23 showed a range from trace amounts to very low spores of mold inside the building. It is expected that the ongoing repairs will reduce those amounts even further. In the meantime, it is with an abundance of caution that the firefighters are being housed at another location.

The City of Dearborn appreciates the patience of the firefighters assigned to Station No. 5 as the issue continues to be addressed in a timely and efficient way.

Updated on 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 23

Fire Station No. 5 should be clear for firefighters to return to the building by the evening of Friday, Jan. 24. Contractors hired by the City of Melvindale will be removing and replacing dry wall affected by mold on Friday morning. Once the repairs are complete, additional environmental testing will take place to confirm that the mold has been addressed. If that is the case, firefighters will resume their normal assignments in the building on Friday evening.

In the meantime, firefighters at the Melvindale station will be housed at the Melvindale Recreation Center.

Information on Fire Station No. 5

The City of Dearborn Fire Department and the City of Melvindale are expecting test results today to determine the nature of a patch of mold found in Fire Station No. 5, which is in Melvindale. It is expected that the appropriate remediation will take place immediately once the nature of the mold has been determined.

In the meantime, in an abundance of caution, the five firefighters assigned to Fire Station Nov. 5 are not working inside the building.

The mold was discovered on Wednesday, Jan. 22.

The discovery occurred when a piece of dry wall was removed on Jan. 22 and revealed mold on a previously unexposed wall. The dry wall removal was part of final repairs undertaken by the City of

Melvindale following a sewer backup at the station on Jan. 9. Disinfection of the station had already taken place immediately following the Jan. 9 event.

It is thought that the mold is most likely due to a previously unknown leak from the station’s laundry system and is unrelated to the sewage backup.

If the environmental testing determines that remediation is required and cannot be completed by late tonight, accommodations will be made for the firefighters assigned to Station No. 5 to sleep inside the nearby Melvindale Recreation Center, Dearborn Fire Chief Joseph Murray said.

The City of Melvindale owns Fire Station No. 5 and is responsible for its maintenance. It was built in the 1970s.

Following a Consolidation Agreement in 2013, the firefighters assigned to Fire Station No. 5 are employees of the Dearborn Fire Department.


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