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The City of Dearborn knows residents are interested in details about the building at 16901 Michigan Ave. that will house the new City Hall (also referred to as the new Dearborn Administrative Center) beginning in early 2014.
Before purchasing the building at 16901 Michigan Ave., the City hired URS Corporation to independently determine its condition and suitability for four or five more decades as the headquarters for efficient city operations.
Significantly, URS summarized the building’s condition in this way:
“The facility and site are in good condition for a property of this type and age. The property is 12 years old and adequate maintenance of the property’s major systems, components and equipment appear to be in place. It is our opinion that the subject property is comparable to properties of similar age in this area and, subject to a sustained maintenance program, the remaining useful life of the property should exceed 40 - 50 more years.”
URS’s key assessments are in the document below.