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With the presidential election quickly approaching, the City would like to remind residents and those who own commercial properties in the City of the rules regarding temporary signs.
On residential properties, temporary signs must be no more than nine square feet per side, which is the size of most typical yard signs. Signs must be placed at least three feet from a property line.
As permits are required to place temporary signs on commercial properties, the City has worked to make the process of obtaining permits more convenient. To that end, a commonly requested permit is now available through an online process.
To submit an application online, visit https://bit.ly/30qbNxA. The cost for a Temporary Event Sign permit is $40.
Note that any sign not permanently attached and intended to be displayed for a limited period of time is considered a temporary event sign.
A permit is required for temporary event signs for non-residential uses, including seasonal sales, grand opening announcements, elections, and other events typically occurring in non-residential zoning districts.
The following restrictions apply to temporary event signs for commercial properties:
• Number of signs allowed: 4
• Total area for all signs allowed: 48 square feet (96 square feet if road frontage exceeds 400 linear feet)
• Total sign area per face: 24 square feet (total sign area cannot exceed 48 square feet)
• Height of sign allowed: 6 feet maximum
• Signs shall not be located in public rights-of-way
• Signs shall be set back at least three feet from property lines
• Signs shall be securely attached to the structure or securely anchored/weighted to the ground
• Signs shall not be illuminated
• Signs are permitted for no more than 60 consecutive days and shall be taken down no later than five days after the event
Signs may not be placed on city, county, or other public land without a city permit and the approval of the governing public agency. Any improperly placed signs will be removed.
For more information, please call 313-943-2442 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..