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Many City buildings closed in honor of Memorial Day on Monday, May 27

Whether one wants to walk, cycle, ride or drive – Dearborn travelers can start looking forward to a variety of transportation options in the future.

The Dearborn City Council on Oct. 6 approved a new Multi-Modal Transportation Plan (MMTP), under the recommendation of Mayor John B. O’Reilly, Jr.

The MMTP provides an outline for the City to develop safer transportation.
It also enables the City to apply for grants and funding opportunities for a variety of projects related to walking, bicycling, public transportation, and more. Those projects will be beneficial for the city’s environment and economy.

Detailed information about the MMTP can be found at https://walkbike.info/Dearborn/plan/
The plan was developed by the City’s Planning Division with community input. The plan will be implemented over a 30-year period, with both short-term and long-term objectives, and will address the City’s transportation needs and desires.

The major goals of the MMTP are for the City to distinguish itself as a walkable and bike-friendly community, and to increase health, safety and sociability in Dearborn.

The plan will do so by making travel more accessible to all; designing streets to be safer, comfortable and convenient; better connecting people to their community; creating beautiful streets which will attract more people and businesses; and providing policies, programs and infrastructure that support more accessible transit.

The plan is divided into three sections – a strategic implementation plan, which will highlight projects in immediate focus; near-term enhancements that will be implemented as opportunities arise; and a long-term vision, which emphasizes what the city plans to achieve over the next 20 or more years.

Some of these projects include fixing gaps in sidewalk networks, adding bikeways, expanding transit connections between key destinations, creating multi-modal boulevards that accommodate a variety of transportation methods and implementing green express routes.

The Planning Division developed the MMTP over an 18-month period, with much of the work and meetings taking place in 2018. Engagement with the public and getting community members’ opinions throughout the process occurred through a variety of means.