In light of the severe increase of COVID-19 cases, the City of Dearborn would like to remind residents that the mandates issued by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) must be followed in order to mitigate the spread of this deadly disease.

To that end, the Dearborn Police Department will be strictly enforcing the MDHHS COVID-19 Gathering Prohibition and Mask Order requirements, as issued on Nov. 15. This order requires all persons participating in gatherings to wear a face mask, with limited exceptions; prohibits indoor residential venue gatherings, except where no more than 10 persons from no more than two households; and limits outdoor residential venue gatherings to 25 or fewer persons from no more than three households.

The new limitations on gatherings will go into effect on Wednesday. Nov. 18. The face mask mandate is already in effect.

The Nov. 18 Gatherings and Face Mask Order also stipulates that gatherings are prohibited at the following types of facilities for the next three weeks:
• In-person learning for high schools, colleges and universities
• Organized sports, excluding professional sports.
• Theaters, banquet halls, movie theaters, stadiums and arenas.
• Bowling centers, ice skating rinks and indoor water parks.
• Casinos, bingo halls and arcades.
• Group fitness classes.

Also required by the Order is the closure of indoor dining and bar services. These businesses may be open for outdoor services, takeout and delivery only.

Businesses are reminded that they need to ensure they are following the mask mandate, social distancing, and gathering guidelines. Businesses must refuse entry to those not wearing face masks, with limited exceptions.

Consistent with the Emergency Order, a violation of this Order is a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment for not more than six months, or a fine of up to $200, or both. Moreover, violations of this order are also punishable by a civil fine of up to $1,000 for each violation or day that a violation occurs.

The City values the health and safety of our community, and everyone must work together to reduce the spread of COVID-10 by wearing masks, limiting gatherings and practicing social distancing.

The full text of the Nov. 18 Gatherings and Face Masks Order can be found at

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