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With infections on the rise, the City of Dearborn wants to help you, your family and our community stay safer in light of the deadly coronavirus by presenting a special program via the City’s free on-demand video option at https://cdtv.viebit.com/player.php?hash=3gEwzDBoQxyQ

Called “Here For You: Dearborn’s Covid-19 Forum,” the interactive program original was shown live on Facebook and on cable TV on Dec. 10.

With the support of Mayor Jack O’Reilly, it was hosted by City Council President Susan Dabaja, who moderated a panel of Beaumont officials.

Panelists presented timely and relevant COVID-19 information, including plans for the vaccine implementation, the state of COVID 19 testing, strategies for the hospital to address potential capacity issues, and details on how avoiding gatherings during the holidays can slow the spread of the deadly disease, among other topics. 

They also answered questions submitted via Facebook comments.

The Beaumont panelists are David Claeys, president of Beaumont Hospital-Dearborn; Dr. David Peters, chief of staff of Beaumont Hospital-Dearborn; and Dr. Belal Abdallah, CEO and chairman, Beaumont ACO.

With Dearborn’s daily Covid case numbers consistently the highest of any suburb in Wayne County, it is hoped this new forum will give people the information and the motivation they need to follow the safety protocols recommended by public health agencies, including the CDC.

It is anticipated that future Covid-19 Forums will be offered on a regular basis. Dates, times and future topics will be publicized in advance. Visit www.cityofdearborn.org for updates, and follow the City of Dearborn’s Facebook page.

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