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Dearborn’s City Beautiful Commission is congratulating residents who have taken outstanding care of their property in 2021, celebrating them through the Residential Standard of Excellence Awards.

Residents are encouraged to compliment their neighbors for their creativity and attention to detail, which is reflected in the look of their appealing front yards.

Neighbors are also invited to take a walk, drive or bike ride soon to see the houses while the warm weather lasts.

The volunteer City Beautiful Commissioners look for exemplary stewardship of residential properties in the 17 districts they have established to ensure all parts of Dearborn are represented. The list of the 2021 honorees follows (listed by district, not alphabetical order):

• The Dakroub Family, 7620 Kendal
• The Hammoud Family, 6321 Ternes
• The Hotait Family, 10461 South Morrow Circle
• Hussein Ahmad, 6945 Oakman
• Mitchell Osman, 4501 Westland
• Abrahem Ilayan, 4401 Firestone
• The Chami Family, 15732 Middlebury
• Carissa and Jason Hayburn, 17 Shady Hollow
• Barbara Papcun, 22159 S Military
• Michael Peterson, 3457 Byrd
• The Clabuesch family, 1105 N. Vernon
• The Neff Family, 5 Fairmount Court
• Najah Joumaa, 1635 N. Mildred
• The Lavigna Family, 24358 Scott
• Nancy Kimmel, 23850 Marshall
• Gary Hebert, 2211 Cornell
• The Stowell Family, 3304 Harding

The honorees will be recognized at an upcoming ceremony. People interested in the City Beautiful Commission or who want to learn more about the Residential Standard of Excellence Awards program can call 313-943-2150.

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