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Those wanting to teach their children how to swim can now enroll them in the Recreation and Park Department’s swim lessons, which are returning in November.

The “Learn to Swim” program provides instruction for children aged six months and older of all skill levels.

The program offers twice-a-week classes that meet either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday for three weeks, and once-a-week Saturday classes. Each group’s session will be in 30-minute increments.

All classes are at the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center. Each class will have a maximum capacity of six individuals.

Individuals can register at the service desk of the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center. The cost is $65 for passholders, $70 for residents and $80 for non-residents.

The levels of instruction are as follows:
• Parent and Tot (ages six months to three years): Parent must accompany the child into the water.
• Tadpoles (ages three-five): Basic water and safety skills.
• Sea Shells (Beginner and ages six and above): Floating, submerging, breath-holding.
• Sea Horses (Beginner): Crawl stroke, using a kickboard, jumping into the water.
• Sunfish: Development of crawl stroke, with an emphasis on kicking, breathing and arm stroke technique.
• Sting Rays (Intermediate Beginner): Improve crawl stroke, backstroke, deep water.
• Barracudas (Advanced Beginner): Improve crawl stroke and backstroke, diving, safety, swimming 25 yards.
• Dolphins (Ages 10-12, Intermediate): Elementary backstroke and breaststroke and underwater swimming.
• Seals (Ages 12 and up, Intermediate): Sidestroke, starts and turns, distance swimming and backstroke.

Monday and Wednesday classes from 4 – 6 p.m. are offered for Tadpoles, Sea Shells and Sea Horses.

Tuesday and Thursday classes from 5 – 7:30 p.m. are available for Sunfish, Stingrays, Barracudas, Dolphins and Seals.

Saturday classes from 9 a.m. – noon are provided for Parents and Tots, Tadpoles, Sea Shells, Sea Horses and Stingrays.

The upcoming session blocks are as follows:
• Nov. 1 – Nov. 20
• Nov. 29 – Dec. 18
• Jan. 10 – Jan. 29
• Jan 31 – Feb. 19
• Feb. 21 – March 12
• April 4 – April 23

For more information, please visit www.dearbornrecreationandparks.com or call 313-943-2350.

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