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Using the road is a shared responsibility between bicyclists and drivers, and the City of Dearborn wants to ensure that all its residents know how best to keep themselves and each other safe. 

Tips for drivers:

·        Keep five feet away from a bicyclist at all times; it’s the law.

·        It is illegal to park or drive in a bike lane.

·        Be alert; distracted driving is dangerous.

·        Check your blind spot. Allow a bicyclist to pass before opening your car door.

·        Use caution. Always look for bicyclists before opening your car door.

Tips for bicyclists:

·        Obey all traffic signals, stop signs and laws.

·        Ride in the direction of traffic.  It is a myth that bicyclists should ride against traffic. It is unsafe and leads to conflicts when encountering a bike on the rode that is going in the appropriate direction.

·        Use hand signals to indicate when you are stopping or turning left or right.

·        Use bike lanes when present. Bicyclists may leave a bike lane to turn or to avoid hazards.

·        Yield to pedestrians. On sidewalks and shared recreational paths, bikers should slow down or even stop to keep pedestrian safe. They should also call out their intentions when pedestrians are present, such as saying “Passing on the left.”

·        Be predictable with your movements.

·        Be visible.  Use headlights, taillights and reflectors. Consider bright or reflective apparel.

·        Be alert and wear a helmet.

Cyclists can locate a list of bike racks and repair stations in Dearborn by visiting bikedearborn.com/facilities/map