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The Dearborn City Beautiful Commission recently named the 2022 Residential Standard of Excellence honorees. This is an annual program that provides residents in each of the city’s designated 17 districts with the opportunity to be formally recognized for attractive landscapes and appealing curbside views.

Every year, the volunteer commissioners visit neighborhoods all across Dearborn and consider all homes in each district. Commissioners look closely at each home’s front and side yards that are most visible to the public.

Deb Seder is the chairperson of the City Beautiful Commission and Debbie Clark is the chairperson for the Residential Standard of Excellence Awards. Both expressed gratitude for the work of the volunteer commissioners, and they also congratulated the homeowners who were selected for their beautification efforts in 2022.

The top honorees receive a banner to place on their lawn for the month of August, and an additional 35 homes in each of the 17 districts receive a window decal announcing their status as City Beautiful Commission awardees.

This year, the top homes selected for this distinction include:

• District 1: 7700 Coleman Street, Samih and Wajiha Hashem

• District 2: 7024 Ternes, Hassan Osman

• District 3: 7800 Manor, Salim and Nadia Saad

• District 4: 5708 Oakman, Sabah Chirri

• District 5: 4815 Ternes, Joann Naumoff

• District 6: 13240 Leonard Street, Carmen Yolanda

• District 7: 3514 Brewster, Ronald and Catherine Prowse

• District 8: 8 Shady Hollow, Parvez and Shabana Khan

• District 9: 20791 Outer Drive, Giovanni and Maria Cavatiao

• District 10: 1677 Linden, Jimmy Atard

• District 11: 1100 Vernon, Patrick and Marianne Corrigan

• District 12: 827 Beechmont, Gregory and Deborah Peet

• District 13: 23346 Lawrence, Rafael and Jacqueline Garcia

• District 14: 2740 Boldt, Denise Chavez

• District 15: 23850 Marshall, Nancy Kimmel

• District 16: 3456 Parker, Salwa and Haitham Abdelghani

• District 17: 3741 Detroit, John J Maciag

See the map and photos of some of the top honorees for the 2022 Dearborn City Beautiful Commission Residential Standard of Excellence Awards program, including 7700 Coleman, 3741 Detroit, 3456 Parker, 4815 Ternes, 13240 Leonard, and 1677 Linden.

Photo Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ZQCeFZdMAMvQEQQ1yjFEHjp8XlFbpx89?usp=sharing