Loose Leaf Collection in the City of Dearborn

Our leaf collection crews will be in your neighborhood on your trash day. However, the crews may not collect all the leaves at once. In that case, they will return on a future trash day. So for example, if your trash day is Monday, all leaf pickup in your neighborhood will take place on a Monday. It may take several Mondays to get it done. The important thing to note is that leaf pick-up takes place on your trash day, and is a continuous process that may take several weeks to fully complete.

Loose leaf collection ends Friday, Dec. 2. The city's yard waste program ends the week of Dec. 12.


Below is the schedule and locations for LOOSE LEAF pickup for Thursday, Dec. 1-Friday, Dec. 2:

Thursday Trash Section

Crews will start in the following order beginning Thursday, Dec. 1

  1. Ford Woods Park Area; bounded by Ford Road, Oakman, Michigan Avenue, and Greenfield (starting at Oakman and Ruby) (Expected to be complete)
  2. Geer Park Area; bounded by Miller, Greenfield, Prospect and Michigan Ave (Expected to be complete)
  3. Eugene/Porath Area; bounded by Michigan Avenue, Eugene, Porath, and Porath Court (Expected to be complete)
  4. Williamson/Argyle Park Area: bounded by Oakman Blvd., Chase, Ford Road and Michigan Ave. (May get to this area) 
  5. Lapeer Park Area; bounded by Eagle, Amazon, Vernor and Ferney (May get to this area) 
  6. Morningside Park Area; bounded by Vernor, Riverside, and Industrial (May get to this area) 
  7. Hemlock Park Area; bounded by Henn/Haggerty, Miller Road, Ford Road, and Greenfield (May get to this area) 

Friday Trash Section

Crews will start in the following order beginning Friday, Dec. 2 

1. Ford Historic Home Area; bounded by Park, Monroe, and Outer Drive (starting at Nowlin and Monroe) (Expected to be complete)
2. Dearborn Hills Area; bounded by Cherry Hill, Telegraph, Fairmount and Gulley (Expected to be complete)
3. Crowley Park Area; bounded by Fairway Drive/Woodcroft, Telegraph, Dartmouth and Gulley (May get to this area) 
4. Oxford Park Area; bounded by Harvard, Outer Drive, Madison, and Dartmouth (May get to this area) 

Street Leaf Pick-Up Ends Friday, Dec.2. Leaves left in the street after Dec. 2 may be disposed of by yard waste pick-up, which ends the week of  Dec. 12.