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As the winter season approaches, the Dearborn Parks & Recreation department is taking steps to winterize parks across the city.

As part of this process, there will be seven comfort stations closing for the season, beginning Tuesday, Nov. 1.

Preparing the parks for winter also includes the proper storage of about 75 trash cans, erecting snow fences to prevent an abundance of leaves from blowing onto roadways and sidewalks, cleaning all comfort stations and restrooms, and adjusting lighting schedules at the parks with timed lighting.

Since the comfort stations are not heated buildings, they require winterizing to protect the infrastructure so they can continue to be available to residents during the warmer seasons. As of Nov. 1, the following park comfort stations/restrooms will be closed:

  • Crowley
  • Ford Woods
  • Hemlock
  • Lapeer
  • Levagood
  • The Center
  • Whitmore Bolles

The city and the Parks & Recreation Department thank the community for a wonderful park season and look forward to opening the parks again next year.

See you in the Spring!