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The City of Dearborn is pleased to announce that one of its public servants has become the first to take paid maternity leave, a benefit that was introduced for the first time this year. As a Response Center Supervisor, Kelsey Smith Medlen plays a critical role in managing and resolving constituent concerns and building bridges between residents and their government as a valued member of the Department of Community Relations. She and her family also recently welcomed home a new baby boy!

This important milestone marks the first time that the City has offered paid maternity leave to its employees and demonstrates a commitment to creating a supportive work environment for all of its employees, according to city officials. Both Medlen and Dearborn Mayor Abdullah H. Hammoud stressed the importance of this benefit not just for employee wellbeing, but also for the success of the broader organization.

"The time spent with a newborn child is invaluable and essential, and I'm grateful that the City of Dearborn is offering paid maternity leave for the first time," Medlen said. "I hope my colleagues also utilize this benefit, which will not only make us a better workforce, but also a stronger community overall."

Marking the milestone, Mayor Hammoud stated, "We are proud to be able to offer paid maternity leave to our employees, and we are especially proud to see this benefit utilized for the first time. This is a significant step forward for the city, and we hope to continue to bet on our public servants and invest in their overall well-being."