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The City of Dearborn has declared a snow emergency effective from 5 p.m. Wednesday to 10 a.m. Thursday morning, following severe winter weather.

Residents are asked to remove their vehicles from City streets during the declared emergency hours. Details on alternate parking sites can be found below. Sirens will sound at 3 p.m., 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. today.

According to the National Weather Service, several inches of snow may accumulate by the end of Wednesday evening.

Due to the weather, today's Dearborn Charter Commission Meeting is canceled.

When the City calls a snow emergency, sirens will sound as a notification for all residents to remove their vehicles from the streets. Here’s what to expect if a snow emergency is called:

Outdoor sirens will be activated to signal the beginning of a snow emergency and the requirement that residents move their parked vehicles off the street.

Parked vehicles must be removed from roads.

For residents with vehicles that do not have a driveway, there are several designated parking lots and streets the City will make available during a snow emergency. Alternative parking lots, streets, and locations include City park parking lots at Levagood, Crowley, and Ford Field Parks.

In the northeast and southeast Dearborn, where the lack of driveways is more common, the City has designated the following specific streets in which parking is allowed:

Southeast Dearborn:
• Eagle, from Amazon to Salina

• Lapeer, from Ferney to Amazon

• Lowrey, from Holly to Saulino Court

• Westlawn, from Vernor to Burley

• Tuxedo, from Ferney to Riverside Drive

• Whittington, from Canterbury to Riverside Drive

• Berkshire, from Industrial to Canterbury

• Morningside, from Industrial to Wyoming

• Riverside Drive, from Industrial to Vernor

Northeast Dearborn:

• Blesser, from Maple to Oakman

• Henson, from Maple to Oakman

• Henn, from Chase to Williamson

• Haggerty, from Maple to Calhoun

• Paul, from Chase to Horger and between Schaefer and Hartwell

• Hemlock, from Chase to Oakman

• Donald, from Chase to Calhoun and between Reuter and Oakman

• Alber, from Reuter to Oakman

• Coulter, from Lonyo East to alley for part of the block

• Graham, from Lonya East for part of the block

• Whitlock, from Lonyo East to alley

• Shaddick, from Lonyo East to alley

• Gary, from Lonyo East to alley

Additional snow emergency rules:

Driveways may be covered during snow plowing. Please take into consideration that driveway aprons will be covered with snow from street plowing operations. It is necessary so that roads can remain safe for drivers. Do not put snow from your driveway or sidewalk back into the cleared street.

Crews also salt the roads, even if they are not plowing, so it is also a good idea to remove parked vehicles when City crews are salting roads, to allow for better coverage.

Property owners are required to keep sidewalks and ramps to crosswalks clear of snow for safe pedestrian travel. City ordinance provides 24 hours to remove snow along the front and side of properties.

For snow emergency ordinance information, parking maps, and information, visit the City’s website at cityofdearborn.org. You can also find information on the City’s social media pages @dearborngov on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter; on CDTV channels 12 for Comcast, 10 for WOW! and 99 for AT&T; by calling the hotline at 313-943-2444; or via Nixle Emergency Alerts. You can sign up for Nixle alerts by texting your 5-digit zip code to 888777.